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Sven Alexander Ebens

I am Sven and I am a young designer from the Netherlands with a lot of interest in technology and innovation. I am a creator and a tweaker and love to let my creativity go wild on projects.

As a Graduate from the technical university of Eindhoven with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, I currently run my own business in the fields of (Technological & Educational) Product, Graphic & Web Design. 

You can check out my CV by clicking the download button below and you can also check me out on social media or contact me, by following the other buttons.


Product Design & Development

By working on a lot of design projects during my studies and creating new concepts for Qmod, I have learned all about design processes and how to get from a concept to a prototype quickly.

Graphic Design & Animation

Through years of trying, creating, and making various graphic designs for friends, family and freelance jobs, I have become an expert in creating logo's, house styles, posters, cards and even some animation.

Tech & Web Development

During my studies, work and while freelancing, I have also gained experience in electronics and programming by designing & developing many different websites and technical product solutions.



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Strijp-S Map

Hypothetical Map for a new build site & tunnel at Strijp-S, created with illustrator. Part of a student project


Armadillo Logo

Concept Logo created for my portfolio. Created with illustrator, mixed the letter A with an armadillo that started ...


Baboon Illustration

Concept Art created for my portfolio. Created in illustrator, started by tracing a photo.  


Qmod Website

A website, shop & forum for an educational tech-toy company I worked at.



Protoblocks was my graduation project for my studies at the University of Eindhoven. They are blocks filled with ...



Qmod is an Educational Technology platform specializing in developing 21st Century tools for teachers and engaging ...


Monomentum R.

A simple logo for an independent record label of a friend.



Legotronics was a project for my studies at the University of Eindhoven. Legotronics are Lego blocks with ...



A Website, shop & blog for the “Brave Dutchies”, to discuss living with a Chronic condition.