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Who am I?

Sven Alexander Ebens



My name is Sven and I am a young designer from the Netherlands with a lot of interest in technology and innovation.

I am someone who has always been fascinated and interested with technology, when some new technological product or invention is in the making, I usually find out about it instantly and research it till
I know all about it. Due to this interest I can come up with technological possibilities real quickly and at many occasions I am the one who says ‘why not make it yourself? It seems doable’.

I have also always been a creator which really showed, when I used to play with my Lego, Knex and Mechano collections. I never followed instructions, but always built my own inventions, using/learning from the mechanisms & designs shown in the instructions. This is something I have kept on doing through my whole life using/experiencing the internet, school & practical work to gain the knowledge to create.

Besides this I like to ‘look under the hood’ of things. When something breaks down, I try to fix it myself, instead of going to the shop to get a replacement. This is also why many friends come to me when something is broken. Also I like to tweak things, to work better/easier and am not afraid to walk into problems. Fixing and tweaking things gave me a lot of experience in hardware/electronics and gained me skills like for instance soldering, which really come in handy while making prototypes for my designs

Currently I am doing the Industrial Design bachelor at the Technological University of Eindhoven, where I have worked on a lot of different design projects. Besides this I work at Punch Studios, a company run by a friend and me, focused on Web-development & Graphic Design.

In this portfolio you can get an impression on what kind of designer I am, by browsing through my thoughts, ideas, projects and work.


Projects I have done, during my studies of Industrial Design at the TU/e.


Playful Learning Toolkit for children


Smart Home System (Hypothetical)

Synth Motion

Body Controlled Rhytmic Synthesizer

The City of Light

Tangible Business Model of Eindhoven

Bully or Joker

Teaches Children Moral Values (Game)

Coby The Curious Light

A Lamp that Shows Character

De Wijkzwam

Sharing Platform to Improve Social Cohesion

Other Work

Other activities, relevant to design.


Graphic Design

Lisanne Jacobs

Website & Print Design

Stefan Gold

Website Design


What do I thrive at?

Product Design & Development

Trough doing a lot of design projects during my studies, I have learned all about design processes and how to get from a concept to a product/prototype.

Graphic & 3D Design

Through years of trying, creating, and making various graphic designs for friends, family and freelance jobs, I have become an expert in many fields of graphic design.

Technology & Web Development

Because I always keep myself updated on the latest technology and inventions, I am very good at coming up with technological solutions.


What is my view on Design?

I am someone who is fascinated by the complexity in technology, therefor technology will always play a major part in my designs. But I like to make those complex things more simplistic in usage.

In the past most products were designed for one purpose and the only one making choices was the creator, which resulted in products that get outdated quickly and did not offer much customizability. Now a days however designers tend to take a more user focused approach to design, by using the end users for feedback and making products more versatile to fit everyone's needs. In the future I expect this trend to evolve even further.

You can see that over the years more and more consumers are tempted to take a look under the hood, if that means that they get a better device to fit their needs. In this process I as an industrial designer/creator have to be the man in middle/the mediator between the wishes and assets of customers and available technology.

I think we are coming to an age of do it yourself design, where tinkering with technology isn’t only something for the experts but for everyone. To achieve this people need to learn how to educate themselves and mediums like the internet offers almost endless possibilities for this. On the other hand products need to have a certain opines, or modularity that gives consumers the possibility to tinker with it. People are going to have 3D printers in their home and this might become a new industrial revolution and we have to work with this, not against it.

Also I think that as designers our role will change towards educational innovation. Children will grow up in this new technological generation and they should get the ability to work with technology in a way that it doesn’t scare them, but instead sparks their imagination to create and develop themselves. We must design the technology that allows this learning process.

So I would like to create products and software that are simplistic in look and usage, but open the possibility to look under the hood into the complexity and offer modularity. Besides that I tend to take a special interest in creating learning tools that can help in gaining technological experience through more practical and fun/playful methods then what we regularly use now.

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